Blood song - book review

05 June 2013

Strange fact. There are people out there who start reading a book again right after they first finish it. I never counted as one of such people (I do have a habit of reading some books few times). Today I might have when I started reading the beginning cause the world and the plot is very complicated and I clearly lost few details I really needed.
Blood song is absolutely captivating. Reminded me greatly of The name of the wind. My heart is bleeding cause the author hasn't written the second book yet. I haven't finished it but damn, such books are rarity. I'm so glad I got a chance to stumble upon them. My system of searching for such books on goodreads was very effective after all. When I write review of this book I will have to compare it to The name, but I'm happy the two are great stories with great characters but still different. First thing. Biggest difference is "positivness" of main character, Ryan's is righteous but still a scum. He has his circumstances, he's blackmailed and so on, if he was real I probably wouldn't be half as harsh but in the world greatly reminding me of "Krzyżacy" only with magic I cannot be as forgiving. Nevertheless great read, I recommend it to any fantasy fan out there.

Personal Tate - comments

10 ep
That was one hell of a kiss. Whoa, I loved it. I don't have much experience with dramas but I noticed how stiff and so WRONG all the kisses were so far. This one brought back my faith in people, srsly. Although it's a little bit disappointing that you all coment it as if it was the only one good kiss ever... It's just sad. Anyway it was still spectacular, and I wouldn't mind if drama ended this way. I'm a little bit afraid what they will do next, especially cause they are not able to be totally honest with themselves (though how STUPID and dense you are Jin Ho if you didn't notice what she was
My comment above was cut, I guess I was trying to say too much, but I still feel like I should finish it. (though how STUPID and dense you are Jin Ho if you didn't notice what she was saying when she told you that she would like to be male, it was so cute and ifor me it was one of the most heartwarming confessions, and still he didn't get it right, or he didn't want)
11 ep
I was laughing in my head all episode long "She got you with your own weapon idiot, buahaha". But it was so damn cute. It wasn't real but really I didn't expect this to be so nice and heartwarming. And hell yeah, serves you right Jin Ho, should have thought sooner what you were trying to teach her xD It was sweet and so warm episode. Despite Chang Ryul's old man. I simply hate him. And In Hee. But mistakes and funny moments during filming was so relieving. Really help to raise one's spirit after frustraiting episode.
12 ep
I wonder... what the hell is their problem? They lived and slept with each other already. They love each other. Why the hell they act like teenagers alone home for the first time? They are adults, for heaven's sake! What's the big deal in sleeping together? They both want it, and I mean sleeping... She's driving him crazy already. Anyway I still like it a lot, and so far they really try to communicate, it's rare.
16 ep
I know it's weird to start from kissing, but that was the last thing in comments that caught my eye. I think he's normal kisser... I mean, the rest just suck, he's just good. I wasn't satisfied with the ending, and I really think the author of scenario didn't like Jin Ho. Made him act like an irrational idiot which damaged his image. Sometimes, overall I rather liked that. Well I notice that they lack a lot in acting but still I enjoyed it, there were fabulous and funny moments. And I LOVE how main actress made Gae In. She was really good. Much  better that Lee Min Ho.
And I sure as hell wouldn't want my .life to be such drama. So many hidden and unsaid things. It would drive me crazy. I don't like when lives are tangled cause someone misunderstand something. If you have problem, TALK about it, for heaven's sake... I feel pity for Song Jun, he clearly has fallen for Gae In's friend, and she was using him to get her man jealous. Women are scary things, althoug I'm one of them too.

Hana kimi 08 & 09 - comment

Ep 8
All scenes with spitting drinks are really well made, I love them (although the reaction of other characters are unnatural, I mean, maybe it's cultural difference but I would be worried if someone did that in my presence, yet everyone ignores that, just weird). I would be much more suspicious if it didn't happen to me in real life. But there ARE moments in your life, when you have to choose between death or... spitting xD

Ep 9
I couldn't stop laughing that moment too!!! I mean, Nakatsu jumping on him was one thing, but Sano held him, and rised his butt. I was half dead from laughing, it was SOOO out of character, and so funny xD

Bambino 01 - comment

The waiter is probably the only one who isn't mean to Bambino. How irritating. They don't remember when they were learning? Who the hell they think they are? Is it how you treat a new person, who knows nothing about the place and rules? I hate this kind of thing. I'm also the person who shines the most when the situation is tough and there's a need to make a lot of effort, but come on... How is that supposed to be teaching? Although I can't stop my admiration for Sato Ryuta, he's a really good actor. I don't like character he plays though... Bambino has ambition and talent, why they have to make it so stupiditly tough for him? Sigh...

Hana kimi 12 - komentarz

Gosh, I was sooo irritated at the end. Just how lame and long were this goodbyes going to be? And she intended to go away without saying simple thank you to these guys for supporting her. So heartless and selfish. In manga it was quite clear why guys liked her, and she was a soul of the school. In drama I didn't get this feeling, thus the ending was truly annoyng for me. She didn't deserve so much attention. And I actually like Sano. I react to him as a male, Nakatsu would be wonderful friend, but nothing more. And I sure as hell was angry that they didn't say anything to each other until the end. In manga it was so cute, how he protected her and took care of her. Here it wasn't like that. And yeah, the kiss was just terrible, it wasn't as it should have been. And I decided that I simply hate Maki's smile. I couldn't watch her at the end. The ending disappointed me, but overall I enjoyed the drama.

Coffe prince 08 - comment

I'm amazed. She's the most wulgar person I've seen so far as a heroine. But at the same time she's really something else. I mean, when she feels something she talks about it honestly. I really admire her and I was surprised. When I watch other dramas I can see that characters have so many problems talking about their feelings. She's different, she's simple and honest. I don't like how she acts but I cannot stop myself from respecting her. She's mature in the aspect of feelings and acting on feelings. And sure as hell she doesn't look 24, still it's  better than her being 16.

Bitterblue - book review

I never expected to find such accurate review of this book. I just finished it and funny thing it left me bitter and blue. I can’t stress enough how much I agree with you on what you wrote, it soothed my feelings and for that I’m gratefull. The book was so inconsistent. The author showing some parts of plot then setting them aside for another. It was annoying to follow the book as a whole. I also didn’t really like the characters. There were times when the author could stop showing some of them and focus on the others. Whereas I usually hate people (I know from earlier work) to act out of character I was really fond of Giddon. The guy stole my heart and I can’t seem to shake off the feeling I got in the first half of the book that he and Bitterblue would be a really good match, very Cashore-like if I may add. I was angry with development of Saf’s. The book ends without properly ending leaving me frustrated until I start to search for reviews and find out I wasn’t the only one sad by ruining  potentially good story (it hurts more to see wasted potential than to see a book bad from the start). I was angry the author put a lot of scenes with characters acting out of character. Only Giddon proved it not to be a complete mistake. In his case it wasn’t. But there were a lot of characters I liked for themselves and they didn’t get enough time in my opinion. Death was very “sparky” if I were to say. His every interaction with Queen was priceless. If he’d been any younger I’d also vote for him to be male lead and a partner to the Queen. I didn’t think all that much about romance though. Lately I found myself hating any romances but it made me sad that even though Sapphire started out nicely he ended up being... I don’t know what, distraction? Reason for Bitterblue’s maddness? I can’t explain his role at all since it seemed to me that he was just put in few scenes to make things more spicey and to mess with Bitterblue’s poor mind even more. The girl was overall stunning in her ability to stay sane even though there was so much happening. I can’t shake off the feeling she was the biggest fool in all of this. I could understand of course she was young, protected and there were wiser people plotting against her. Her childhood and heritage not making it any easier for her. Nevertheless her sudden change and impulse to go out into the city was unbelievable. Her trust and actions... It wasn’t downright insane and stupid but during the whole book I couldn’t stop thinking that it just doesn’t feel right. I didn’t see much resemblance to Fire though. A lot of you did, and that’s probably understandable, but I read Fire long time ago and just recently I finished Graceling. I can’t say I was thrilled with it but I liked it, even though I honestly hate Katsa. Reading Bitterblue right after gave me a strange feeling about the characters that appeared in other books before. I don’t expect much of Katsa but after 8 years of being together they probably could act a little bit more mature. Although Bitterblue actually made me realise that Katsa is really mentally broken and there’s something terribly wrong with her aside from her Grace. Her childhood implies what was wrong but still. One thing lady Cashore is good at is actually making people act very realistically and all the mental issues seem very real. Especially compared with other books where characters just move on without any problems and as if some issues didn’t exist at all. They are all damaged by it, and they all struggle to keep their sanity. But just because I understand that and admire reality of it doesn’t mean I can stand interactions of Katsa and Po. They just act like kids and there’s not much I can say about it, especiallyu when we were getting ANOTHER kissing scene. Good grief... I also didn’t like the lenght of the book, it would feel better if it was split into two books, probably giving more room for some parts of the story to be covered more carefully. I’d enjoy story of a Queen realising her own ignorance and inability to be a good ruler without knowing her kingdom inside out but what we got wasn’t resembling anything of the sort. It tried in the end, but it wasn’t enough for me. Also I can’t help thinking all dialouges were cryptic and wrong, people kept asking wrong questions and actually only Giddon was satisfying character. Saf had potential but it was Giddon that felt right the most. I’m glad to read Fire first, then Graceling and then  Bitterblue, it made much more sense this way.

Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai 12 - komentarz

Just watched the subbed.. Though I'm glad with the ending with Yuuta and Rikka hugging and going back to their retarded selves (joke!), I still sense something is missing (I never read the novel).. I don't know.... Somethings are missing... it lack completeness all throughout the episode..

Same for me. I didn't have major complaints but something IS missing. I don't know what. I probably wished for a longer conversation between Yuuta and Rikka. Quiet and sad Rikka was kinda his fault and then he just comes out of nowhere wanting her to act Chuuni again? It's kinda weird and insulting. He first tried so hard to make her stop then in an instant and without any explanation he's making her remember it once again. I don't have any major problems with Yuuta, I liked him and I'm probably one of the people that think he didn't owe any apology to Sanae (also the girl was awesome in 12th, I was stunned even though I didn't like her most of the time). But messing with Rikka like that, that was kinda... He could talk to her first, explain a little, APOLOGIZE and then they can happily play as DFM and TE. But what happened wasn't at all satisfying. That's probably the reason I didn't change my 8/10 I gave this series even though first half was amazing. I hopes the ending would be better. But for a change I enjoyed the narrator. I was kind of surprised at first and I didn't like it but then I realised it's nice since at the beginning we also get his talking. Reminds me of some fantasy series and since the whole show had these strange scenes it fits the whole idea
Also I love chuuni Rikka the best <3

Tonari no kaibutsu-kun 12 - komentarz

Now that was interesting episode. I loved it! Yamaken, poor Yamaken... I can't express my love for the guy. I love how he's so cold and calm whenever someone else mentions Mitty yet he tries his best whenever she's around to catch her attention. It's lovely to see a guy acting like that. It's exactly what I always wanted the male lead to do. Not acting all shy and embarassed but approaching his crush with confidence and without wavering. He's impressive and I admire him a lot. Also he's not ideal and that makes him even better.
I'm surprised how the show can manage to switch the perspectives like that. It's very interesting and refreshing to see the whole situation through another set of eyes. First Yamaken, now Natsume. I still don't like her but I can't tell I don't admire her for what she did. Also I don't want Natsume and Sasayan together. They doesn't match well to me...
Mi-chan's speech regarding love was wonderful and rang true. It prompted a confession from Natsume, which I did not expect to happen now. Judging from his reaction, Mi-chan didn't see it coming either. Sadly, I think he will reject her. I just hope he'll do it gently.
Confession scene was shocking to me. I did anticipated some kind of "serious talk" between the two but never really hoped for something like that. She's got guts and I admire her for that! She realised he can talk to him and then she gave it a shot. Naive and honest and some may call it stupid but for me the girl was brave and she will certainly grow up thanks to that experience. Also I'm definietely not going to root for this pairing. I don't want to talk about it being unrealistic, that's not the case. It's just in this show I can clearly see she's not mature enough for him yet. She can grow up into fabulous woman he'd love to have as a partner. But right now she's a kiddo, and he knows it. He also probably didn't expect such blunt confession. Actually in this one short moment I saw a woman in her. She wasn't scared, she didn't avert her gaze, she looked him in the eye and then just turned around. It was great. I can't stop feeling it was absolutely amazing moment.
Really. Natsume was just wonderful in ep12. And a large part of the wonderful for me was the voice of newish seiyuu Tanezaki Atsumi. Hints of feeling all the time. That lovely slight rawness in her voice. And a sense that the character is real.
I'm happy someone noticed that too, it first caught my attention during conversation with Sasayan on the stairs. I loved her voice for it's innocence? I don't what it was, but it was certainly something new.
As for the Haru and Mitty side of things, not much happened. Mitty managed to manipulate Haru into leaving her alone so she can study in peace (which was accomplished surprisingly easily) and she ended up being accidentally hit by him again later on in the episode. Nothing too unusual.
I was really amused that she actually started training him. It was great choice and it's actually working. Kinda reminds me of Toradora and Chunibyou. Mitty is great character as well. But I honestly don't like Haru, his constant hitting and not controling or even trying to control his emotions makes me really annoyed.
Now I'm quite scared what will happen in the next episode. I think it's the time to start reading manga.

Sukitte ii na yo 11 - komentarz

Now that was pretty good episode. Mostly cause we got to see more of Megumi and a little bit of Kai. I wasn't a fan of his from the very beginning but when main couple started to piss me off I switched to be more interested in Megumi and Kai. I'd gladly see them as a couple, they understand each other. Or at leas Kai understands Megumi like no other. I kinda expected him to come and talk to her. I guess it's too soon for that though. Or we will get angel-doll-Mei solve everything. 
I can't belive how they could make such bad anime on a good manga. It's not the best but anime brings out absolutely the worst of the story. I'm pissed the most about Mei, in manga she was a strong girl with a character. In anime from the ery beginning it's a doll. I can't see why people are attracted to her. Heck, I didn't have such problems with Kuromuna (Kimi ni todoke)!!! I honestly think Mei is much much worse. Also I can't stand Yamato in anime as well. There's something wrong about him, his affection and how he's Mr.Perfect. I just don't buy it at all. I'm more interested in how Megumi's situation will be solved. Strange cause I was always the person that's rooting for main couple first. In here I just can't stand them. Probably rewatching Toradora and watching Tonari and Chunibyoo at the same time doesn't help.